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Luca Pesaro - Zero Alternative - Review & Giveaway

About the Book

“Sometimes you must destroy first.”

To stay alive, Scott Walker must bring down a corrupt international bank. And possibly shatter the world’s economy. Because finance is a black hole ready to chew up countries and people before spitting them out rich, or broken. Or both.

Framed. Hunted. In love with a woman he can’t trust. As he hides from hitmen across Europe, Walker has only one card to play – DeepShare. A silicon oracle that could predict a slice of the future, and that everyone wants. Governments and insane billionaires, criminals and anarchist hackers stand in his way, some even promising help – though with dangerous strings attached.

As Walker struggles to survive and digs deeper into the dark heart of the global economy, one question torments him: how much will the world have to pay?

Zero Alternative is an action-packed conspiracy thriller that plucks at the heart of human nature. When our grip on love, hope and morality starts to slide, the only future worth living is the one we choose for ourselves.

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My Review

I think most people would agree stock traders aren't the most likable characters on the planet. After the mortgage and credit crisis of 2008, many hardworking individuals lost their homes and their retirement savings due to a marketplace that had little to no regulations in place. People were being approved for loans that banks knew they couldn't pay back.

In ZERO ALTERNATIVE, Scott Walker knows all of this, and it makes him even more jaded than he already is. He's a hot shot investment banker who worked his way up through the trenches. At thirty-six, he's in the prime of his career and arrogant to a fault. No one plays the market like he does. He takes chances when others hold back. He gambles on what's going to happen before it does. He doesn't have a crystal ball at his disposal to predict the future, but he has something darn close. A technological marvel called DeepShare that pieces together current headlines and matches them up with past events all in the blink of an eye.

But Scott isn't the computer geek behind the operation. His friend and colleague, DM is. So when DM turns up murdered, Scott's alpha dog lifestyle goes into a tailspin. He's no longer in control of what happens to him. He's unable to micromanage all the tiny details of a every transaction. Instead, he's forced into existing day to day by the seat of his pants. He's not padding his bottom line anymore. He's fighting for his very existence.

But Scott's a sucker for the ladies, the more exotic looking the better. So when a savvy senorita named Layla gives him a night he'll never forget, he's hooked. He knows that she's bad for him, but he can't help falling under her spell. For someone so meticulous about his business dealings, he lets things slide when it comes to his sex life. He has no idea who Layla is and what she's all about, but all he can think about is the curves of her body.

Allowing himself to be consumed by lust leads him into a trap. He thinks he knows who's after him, but really he has no idea. There are forces at work here that are too large to imagine and too important to fail. He's in over his head, and there's no way he can course correct his approach this time. He's dealing with big fish in a small pond and he's the minnow ready to eaten. He's not used to being on the bottom of the pecking order, and it's a rough adjustment for him as he tries to figure out how to topple the hierarchy above him. But when he does, he's unstoppable.

Bottom line, mess with Scott Walker, and be willing to pay the price.


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Formats: $5.99 ebook, $16.80 paperback
Pages: 269
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Release: April 25, 2014
Publisher: Three Hares Publishing
ISBN: 9781910153086
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About the Author

Luca Pesaro was born in Italy in the early seventies, but has spent most of his adult life in the US or UK. After long years gaining a degree and masters in the pseudo-science that is Economics he got bored, jumped the gun and became a derivatives trader in financial markets with several investment banks. Now reformed, he is writing full-time.

Zero Alternative is his first novel, and he is hard at work on his second thriller.

He lives in London, is married to an awesome Italian lady and has two children who always manage to annoy, surprise and delight beyond any reasonable expectation.

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  1. Connie, thanks for the review! I'm glad that reading about Scott weaving in and out of trouble kept you on your toes :)

  2. This is a world I know nothing about. Interesting.

    1. Me neither, Mary, but it sucked me right in!