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Kate Bloom - The Legend of the Dwarf - Review & Giveaway

About the Book

Ever Trollkiller is a young dwarf, twenty-three years old, who had lived her entire life in an isolated cave far away from the dwarven kingdom. She lives with twelve other dwarves who have raised her in complete isolation, keeping the surviving dwarves a secret from the rest of the word. They hide form Terrisino, the Great and Evil Sorcerer, who demolished their kingdom a quarter century ago. But when Ever accidentally meets an elf, she decides that she is no longer satisfied with the stories she hears from her clan. She decides to seek out the mysterious elf so that he might show her the world. But it isn’t long before she realizes that the freedom of the world and the future of the races of elves, men, and dragons will soon end like the dwarven race. Orcs run rampant in the land, killing innocents and plundering the villages. Strange creatures are given rise as they bring death to those who dare harbor the dwarf that they seek. Evil men lie in wait till they might strike. And each of them is allied under Terrisino himself. The stories of hope reach Ever. The stories of legends that all center around one strange dwarf who is destined to defeat Terrisino and ensure the freedom to the world. Convinced that she is the dwarf of legend, she unites with the unlikely company of men, sorcerers, elves, and dragons to save the races and discover who she is.

My Review

Why would anyone want to follow a dwarf?

Well, Ever isn't your typical dwarf. Sure, she's ferocious and stubborn, fumbling about on heavy feet. And yeah, after being sheltered in a mountainous cave all her life, she's naive to the ways of the world, exhibiting a child-like innocence that's bound to get her in trouble.

Yet when she emerges from the seclusion of her exiled people, there's something about her that others pick up on. She's special, different. There's a mysterious quality to her. She's petite for a dwarf. Her ears are too pointy. Not to mention, she's able to wield the swords of a dragon like a natural. Which makes everyone who comes in contact with her want to know: just who is this girl?

As it turns out, there exists a legend about an unstoppable dwarf, a savior. But is it Ever? People seem to know more about her than she knows about herself, and it starts to unsettle her. She begs for some form of enlightenment, an inkling to her true identity. But no one can tell her. It's something she has to discover for herself.

And what she starts to uncover, she doesn't like, especially when the branding of a dragon tattoo appears on her face. Horrified that dragon blood runs through her veins, she doesn't want to be a part of what's considered to be a more sinister race. Feeling conflicted, she knows that the dwarves will never take her back now. Not when she's descended from a line of schemers, schemers who stood back and let her dwarven people be virtually annihilated.

But not everyone sees her that way. The companions on the journey to avenge her people, accept her for who she is. They see her as family. In fact, they believe she can be a game changer, if presented with the right opportunity. She could, indeed, end up having the greatest story of them all.


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Genre: Epic Fantasy
Pages: 260
Release: December 18, 2016
Publisher: self-published
ISBN: 9781540574176
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About the Author

Kate Bloom is a tenacious and edgy millennial with a BS in English and history, giving her a knack for story-telling. As a fantasy writer, her mind is constantly running wild in fictional worlds, such as that of her first project, Alice in Dreamland (kindle2016). Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1994, and where she has lived her entire life, Kate found the dry dessert scenery to grow tiresome to look at. She found her escape in the fantastical worlds that played out in her head. She has fallen in love with the idea of putting those worlds in print so that everyone else might see those worlds as well.

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