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Linda Armstrong Miller - Betrayal and Forgiveness - Author Interview

Author Interview

1. Who is your favorite character?
Sam Rivers

2. Why is he/she your favorite?
Well, it’s easy to love Zach; he’s a teenage who has been hurt and fears for the life of all the adults in his family. He also has the most to come to terms with so you can’t help but love him. Lisa is lovable too. She’s smart, quirky yet brave and strong. She refuses to compromise what she believes in. Then there is Sam. We all know the dilemmassingle mothers go through. We hear about it all the time but we don’t hear much about single dads. Is it because they do the job better than women or are there just so few of them. I think of course it is the latter but they are out there. Sam’s my favorite because in the beginning you aren’t going to like him but he is like any parent. He wants to protect his family. His character is real. He makes real decision and yes they may come back to bite him on the butt but he did it all out of love. He thought he would be able to keep his promise but human nature got in the way. I would really think less of him had it not. That being said I also feel for Lisa. She did keep her promise and she was hurt not once but twice. It’s a hard thing to do.

3. How did you come to create him/her?
I’m a people watcher. Prior to going to nursing school I worked as a counselor for children and teenagers. A lot of parents decide to handle the issue in Betrayal and Forgiveness as Sam did. It rarely turns out with a happy ending for the child.

4. When did he/she first enter your mind?
I start all my books off by making a list of people I want in the book. Sam was the first person I had on the list. It’s a family. There has to be a mom and dad before there can be children. It’s not like the chicken and egg question; to have children there must be parents.

5. Where was he/she given life in the creative process?
Sam was given life when I realized the book carried better with Sally in heaven and Sam life to carry on without her.

6. What do like the most about him/her and what do you dislike the most about him/her?
I like that he is real. I like that he was madly in love with his wife. I don’t like that he didn’t try to find out what really happened to his wife until he had all but destroyed his relationship with Lisa.

Book Summary

In the Bible, the Lord asked that we not make promises unless we are sure that we can keep them. Lisa made a promise and has done everything in her power to keep that promise. a lesson her father needed to learn. Before he was able to practice keeping his promise, he lost the love of his daughter, his best friend, and he was about to lose the love of his son. Time was running out for all of them, but they didn’t know it.

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Author Bio

Linda Armstrong-Miller is a retired registered nursed. She leaves in Ga. With her husband Mike and daughter Cayla. Jesus Christ is my Savior. He is the way the truth and the light. I Believe. Linda’s latest book is Betrayal and Forgiveness.

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